Cave Door



Heavy Duty is an understatement when talking about the CDS Cave Door. This is a 3-1/2″ thick double acting door (swings in and out). Available in single 36″ x 81″ or double doors (72″ x 81″NCO), in either Black or Silver door finish. The frame is constructed of 3/8″ x 3-1/2″ aluminum with a thermal break. Hinges are Heavy Duty Composite and Stainless Steel. There is a 24″ x 62″ 2 Pane non heated window in each door, a 10″ Diamond Kick Plate inside and out as well as push bars on both sides. This is an entirely Energy Free door and Frame System. The CDS Cave door is built to take on the toughest environments whether it is the delivery driver slamming into the door with his 2 wheeler or the customer ramming the door with a shopping cart the CDS Cave Door is engineered to take the beating and continue to add great visibility and style to your walk in cooler. For more details please contact your nearest representative or give us a call at the factory we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Single and Double Walk In Doors

Beer CaveCDS Double Walk-in Door with a 30″ x 79″ merchandising door on each side.

We have 3 types of entrance doors available to suit any application. Choose between a 30″ x 81″ or 36 x 81″ inch door or our Double Entrance Door available with either 2 -30″ doors or 2 – 36″ doors. Double doors are available with or without a center mullion. which is perfect for Beer Caves or where access for pallets is necessary.

Entrance doors are available in All Glass panels, Solid Panel or 1/3 Glass- 2/3 Solid Panel designs. Choose between two styles of push bars, the standard aluminum or aluminum with a rubber insert. Add a 10 inch Stainless steel kick plates for added strength and durability. The entrance door will also serve as a merchandising door with the addition of the optional roll away beverage rack.

Beverage racks are available in Black and White with 5 matching epoxy coated 27″ deep shelves.